Balmain FW16

So, I just don’t really know what to do with myself after viewing this Balmain collection. I have thoughts running through my mind wondering if I should rob a bank or marry some rich old guy to obtain these pieces (obvi i’m so joking), but if I’m going to be honest I literally teared up looking at this collection piece by piece because everything was so beautiful to me. Olivier Rousteing, the designer for Balmain, has to know me some way some how because his pieces reflect exactly who I am which is over-the-top, intricate, detailed, fierce, slay material! I need to meet this man one day because this obsession with every collection is getting out of hand. While I was in Paris last Spring, I was so happy just to finally make it to that city that I forgot to visit the Balmain Headquarters. You never know I could’ve met Olivier, let him know about my obsession with the brand, become his muse, and the rest would be history! Anyway, I don’t really post show by show like I used to on my blog because it just became time consuming, so now I just post everything Balmain lol

Please enjoy this awesomeness…

_MON0015 _MON0081 _MON0365 _MON0411 _MON0545 _MON0833 _MON0935 _MON1125 _MON1239


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