Balmain is Life

I’m sorry…….did anyone else die and come back to life after seeing the Balmain Ready to Wear Fall 2016 or was it just me?!?! Olivier Rousteing does it again just like he does it every time, he never ceases to amaze me! Just when I think maybe he will just down play a collection because being extra and over-the-top costs a lot of money and time but he keeps getting better and better with every collection. This is exactly why he is my favourite designer, he always stays consistent with his looks and gives us his very best EVERY TIME!

I was a bit confused to see women walking in the show since this was supposed to be a men’s fashion show but hey I am not complaining. The Balmain man is everything I need my future bae to be, extra, over-the-top, fashionable, unique, different…maybe I should just steal a model or Olivier! I just don’t understand how Olivier had the time to do fashion week in September, then the H&M collection in November, this collection in January, and then there is another women’s wear fashion week in February! I can understand if he has simple pieces then they can be all finished within a reasonable time frame but everything he creates has intricate patterns and/or embroidery you could try this out. Oh and everything is SEWN BY HAND!

I am obsessed with Balmain’s blazers, the different patterns and fabrics that are used, the abundant use of gold, it all speaks to my heart. I am going to continue spazzing out and you can take a look at beauty itself below. Enjoy!