Lavish Buys | Balmain x H&M

I had the chance to experience the madness that was the Balmain x H&M collaboration. I would never line up for ANY OTHER DESIGNER! But Balmain is my absolute favourite and I had to get something. I have been following the Balmain line for about 6 years and every collection that Olivier Rousteing comes out with is absolute fire. So I lined up at the Yorkdale location at 1:30am, the store opened up at 8:00am, and by 10:00am basically everything was sold out! I was determined to find something because I was not going to waste my time to sit outside for 8+ hours to go home with nothing. Thank God I found a pair of suede ankle boots that were in my size! They were $250.00CAD. My budget was $300.00 but I was comfortable with that because I was planning to get about 3-4 items…not 1. Obviously I wasn’t planning to purchase these boots but since everything was sold out I had no choice but they are still so cute. I saw Instagram posts of other countries having a 5 item per person limit and I feel like that should’ve been the case for every store because then there would be more pieces available for everyone. I really feel sorry for people behind me because I’m pretty sure they left with nothing, there were only rings left. Overall, this what an interesting and draining experience for me and I would never do it again…unless if it was Moschino lol


The video is about 20 mins long…its 38 mins because I forgot to cut off the excess music -___-