Grammy’s Red Carpet 2015

The Grammy’s were pretty good this year despite the millions of performances that occurred. I was so happy that Sam Smith was the big hit of the night because his album is amazing and he truly deserves it. I swear Ed Sheeran has some traces of African American mixed in him because him performing “Thinking Out Loud”  with John Mayer was very soulful. Please, can someone tell Kanye to get back to rapping, stop this autotune foolery. The ladies stepped up their fashion game immensely for The Grammy’s and I was very impressed; so much so that I almost had TWO slay queens. It was a tie between Jessie J and Taylor Swift, but by an extra inch of purple heel, Taylor was my slay queen of the night.


I didn’t connect with Beyonce’s red carpet dress, it was nice but it was just “there”. But her after party dress made up for it. I’m obsessed with fringe, plus the fact that it’s Balmain makes me love it even more; I live and breathe his designs. Straight off the couture runway, Katy Perry looks stunning  in this Zuhair Murad. This is how you wear haute couture…unlike someone I will soon mention.


I’m tired of hearing people say “Madonna can do no wrong, she’s amazing”. Yes, yes Madonna can and has done wrong for wearing this. Like I can’t with these antics, you know if Lady Gaga is dressing normal and you’re not then there is something seriously wrong here. Rih Rih OH Rih Rih, why did you do this! She always has great style and she decides to come out looking like this?!? I saw this on the haute couture runway at Giambattista Valli, and I thought “hey that’s interesting”…for the runway not real life. Just because something is high fashion doesn’t mean it always looks good. Haute Couture and I have a love/hate relationship, some pieces can look like a big loofa and have no business being worn for the general public to see and others are intrique and exquisite…like Katy Perry’s dress.