Ivy Park | Beyonce’s Athleisure Collection

YES! The Queen has finally come out with….(not her album that I am desperately waiting for) but to hold us until the album drops she released an athleisure collection with Topshop called Ivy Park. This line is mainly focused on cute workout gear that you can wear to the gym while still feeling sexy when you’re dropping buckets of sweat. When I heard “Beyonce” and “clothing line” in the same sentence, I immediately thought that everyone was going to line up outside of all Topshop stores starting from the beginning of the week. After the Balmain x H&M launch, I promised myself that I would never line up for clothes again! I was actually shocked when I heard that only certain stores in the UK had chaotic lines of people and nothing happening in North America. I was even more shocked when I was able to browse the Topshop website with ease and items of clothing were still available for purchase. I think there wasn’t a big craze for this line because it is not like the H&M collaborations where once the clothes is gone, IT’S GONE and you can never buy it again. Ivy Park will be restocking frequently and it is even sold at Nordstrom and Hudson’s Bay, so if you ddn’t get anything this time I am pretty sure you can get your hands on items very soon.

While I am still waiting for this album, I decided to browse the collection and purchased a black mesh sleeved crop top as well as a pink crew neck sweater that had the Ivy Park logo across the front. I wanted to get more pieces but that UK to CAD conversion is ridiculous! My intentions with this brand has nothing to do with fitness, I am going to take these athletic pieces and incorporate them into my daily outfits. My items that I purchased should be arriving sometime next week, so keep checking the blog to see a lavish style post!

image (7) image (15)

Here are some other pieces from the collection that I liked. To preview the whole collection click here



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