Lavish Life | Sunday Brunchin’

As I get older and start to do more “adulting”, I thought to myself, “what is more adult-like than to have Sunday brunch?”. So, I went to this breakfast spot last Sunday that I heard great reviews about from other social media outlets as well as some friends called School. It is a cute hidden gem downtown Toronto that is clearly a hot spot for brunch seeing as I had to wait an hour and twenty minutes for a table, but it was well worth it. When you are STARVING you usually think that you can handle eating a 5 course meal, or at least I think so, but for me it always turns out that my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I ordered ” The Safe Bet” which consists of half of a waffle, bacon, scrambled eggs and some fruit, this is usually my go-to breakfast plate in general and it was the right amount of food because even though my stomach felt like it hadn’t been fed in 5 days it knew that it couldn’t handle anymore than what I was served. They served my honey and syrup in mini measuring cups as if I wear in science class and their bill came in a mini report card envelope which I thought was so cute.

If you are looking for breakfast/brunch spot especially now that Spring is coming around, I strongly suggest that you check out School because it was so good and filling, aesthetically pleasing, and it doesn’t hurt to hear light trap during a mid-day meal.



Jorja Smith- Beautiful Little Fools

Drake ft. Jorja Smith- Get It Together

Okay, so I discovered Jorja Smith a couple months ago and I’m still obsessed with her. Her voice definitely has vibes of Amy Winehouse which makes sense seeing as they are both from the UK. So the world stopped when Drake’s “More Life” came out and I heard rumours that Jorja was going to be on this album but when it was confirmed I was so happy for her because she’s getting the recognition that she deserves.