Lavish Life | Twenty Seven


Last week was the Lavish One’s birthday and I was not feeling it at all. I know I am still young but being 27 makes me feel like a grandma. I am a serious birthday person and I usually love doing things on my birthday but this year I just didn’t care to actively plan activities, but one thing that is a MUST for my birthday is to go to the spa and get a massage. I went to the Four Seasons Spa (YAAAASSS girl the Four Seasons!!!) and it was by far the best massage I have ever received. I got a deep tissue massage and it was sooooo needed especially after getting premature whiplash from riding in cars with crazy drivers in Jamaica.

When I arrived the front desk called my masseuse and said ” Hi, Ms. Adolphus is here for her appointment”, obviously at that moment I felt really “lifestyle’s of the rich and the famous”. I wanted to take so many pics but I felt that everyone that was present at the spa were regulars and it would look really obvious that it was my first time there. I received my over-sized but cozy robe and was escorted to this dimly lit room to wait for my masseuse. After my spectacular massage, I sat and drank some peppermint tea and reflected on what 26 was and what I want 27 to be.



I want 27 to be filled with opportunities both in my 9-5 career and in my upcoming fashion career, in the words of Trey Songz “I just want to be successful”. I want to meet more people that have the same goals and drive as I do. I want to write more songs, get a piano and perfect my skills and continue to evolve with my guitar. I feel like I am complete in myself and I love myself a little bit more than others do but I hope that this year I can experience that Eros type of love, a love where we are literally obsessed with each other and no one else in our world matters, just God and us.

IMG_9861 Four-Seasons-Toronto-Spa1