Lavish Style | Denim On Denim


It is fall and now majority of my style shots will be taken indoors because I just can’t take the cold winds outside. I love seeing denim on denim paired together in an outfit and I always wanted to try it but you have to make sure you have the right shades of denim together, you don’t want to have one piece that is a light blue denim and another piece that is a dark blue denim, it just looks weird. I bought this $5 skirt from value village as a long plain denim skirt, I decided to cut it shorter, distress it, and bleach it to give it a more unique and edgy look. Try personalizing your clothing by adding your own unique touch to them by bleaching them, adding buttons and/or gems to make it your own and to separate you from other people.

New Music I’m Feeling

Young Jeezy- G-Wagon

Back in high school some days I would be a tomboy and other days I would be a girly girl. One thing that contributed to my tomboy attributes was listening to hardcore rap music, I don’t know what it was about it but I listened to it frequently, probably because of all the thugs I dated in the past lol. One of my favourite rappers was Young Jeezy, and now he has come out with his album Trap or Die 3, it just gets me so amped and it is perfect workout music.

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Top: Levi’s | Skirt: Thrift | Belt: Forever 21| Shoes: Urban Planet | Purse: Kate Spade