Lavish Style | Fall-ing For You

The warm air of my favourite season is gone and the brisk winds of Fall is here; time to put away your short shorts and temporary gold tattoos and exchange them for chunky sweaters and dark lipsticks. I am a Summer lover but everyone keeps raving about how much they love Fall because the fashion is so versatile, so I started experimenting with looks to see what I could come up with. The maroon, wine, aubergine (whatever you want to call it) colour will always be a staple Fall colour for me, so I decided to continue to incorporate it into my looks, however, I want to start dabbling in more hunter green and cognac colours this season.

When I have my hair in its curly state it is hard for me to wear hats because my hair is so puffy. The only time I can wear a hat is if I’m wearing a wig or if I straighten my hair. Hats are another piece that I want to start incorporating into my looks this season because they just turn the whole outfit from cute to badass.



Mac Miller ft. CeeLo Green- We

I took in Mac Miller’s album, The Divine Feminine, two weeks ago and have been hooked on it ever since. I haven’t really listened to anything else that he has come out with but my ears are always interested in new music. He does a lot of “sing-rapping” on the album but can actually spit when the songs are strictly rapping. The song “We” is a straight vibes track and CeeLo’s soulful voice is just an added bonus, it has been on a strong repeat.

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Hat: Aldo | Kimono/Cardigan: H&M | Crop Top: H&M | Pants: Urban Planet | Boots: Urban Planet | Belt: Thrift