Lavish Style | Girly Petals


In a previous post I said I wanted to start incorporating pink into my wardrobe, even though I’m not drenched in pink in this outfit, I thought it would be good to start off small. I bought these floral pants last year and didn’t start wearing them until this year but they are really light and flowy which is perfect if you want to cover up a little this summer or you can use them for a night time outfit since it tends to get a little more chilly in the summer nights. I love these heels as well, I just bought them and they are perfect if you want to dress up your look without demolishing your feet.

Music I’m Feeling

Kaytranada-  Together

I love when I find new music and Kaytranada has been around for a while but he just came out with his new album “99.9%” and when I’m trying to find “chill vibe” music, this is one of my go to albums.

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Top: Sirens | Vest: Sirens | Pants: Urban Planet | Shoes: Urban Planet | Purse: Kate Spade | Earrings: Icing