Lavish Style | Lavender’s Blush

The sun is shining bright but still the coolness of winter still lingers in the air, can we please have Spring already because my wardrobe is ready! This past weekend was Mother’s Day and my sister’s Christening Day and even though these occasions had nothing to do with me I still decided that it was fitting for me to perform a mild slay. The floral print and lavender hues that are exhibited in this blouse lets you know that I am ready for Spring. I completed this outfit with a tulle skirt that I got from the thrift store, the baby had tulle coming out from underneath her dress so I decided to match her, so cute right?


H.E.R.- Pigment

I found out about H.E.R. last year when she came out with her EP which is basically the soundtrack to my life. On the EP, she has a song titled “Pigment” which is so beautifully written but it was only 1:25 long which was a big tease. I always find that some artists best songs are interludes that you only can listen to a snippet and it leaves you longing for the other two minutes of the track, well H.E.R. decided to release the full version of “Pigment” and it has been on repeat ever since.



Earrings/Blouse/Choker: Urban Planet | Jacket/Shoes: Missguided | Skirt: Value Village | Purse: Kate Spade