Lavish Style: OTR

July 9th, 2014 was the day that I got a chance to see the Queen and her man servant, Beyonce and Jay-z. So I’m totally kidding but I did attend the “On The Run Tour” and might I say it was an AMAZING concert (I still think the Coldplay concert was better) but now I know why Beyonce is the Queen of the stage, she is a true performer and puts her all into every performance. The concert consisted of a mix of Beyonce and Jay-z’s hit songs that they have separately and together. I read reviews about the concert prior to going and everyone was saying that it was basically Beyonce’s concert but I disagree, she did slay on her performances especially with her killer dance moves and dancers but, she did about 1 minute of a song, dance, then it would transition to Jay where he did his full songs. I mean all Jay does is rap so I guess he had to do his whole song but still I don’t think Yonce needed to cut some of her songs (and my experience) just because he lacks dancing ability.

Overall I was satisfied, even though the sound quality was horrible because it kept echoing but I think that was a venue issue. I sat in the balcony and still turned up with one of my besties but next time I will be buying floor seats to capture the full experience of Bey. I couldn’t bring my Canon to take pics and my Iphone camera wasn’t doing it for me 🙁 but I obviously took pics of what I wore.

Top/ Earrings/ Bracelet; Forever 21
Pants/ Necklace; Urban Planet
Shoes; Charlotte Russe