Lavish Style | Pink, Flowers, and Everything Girly

Summer is slowly starting to peak its head through the Spring air and I am anxiously anticipating the consistent warm weather. Sometimes, I like to switch up my style to look egdy some days and really girly the other days. I randomly found this floral, modern 50’s style skirt at a clearance sale in Jean Machine (don’t ask how I ended up there). I decided to make this look very simple and clean and added a plain white v-neck and paired it with gold sandals. Although this look is already really girly, I added some pink reflector sunglasses to bring a little sass and fierceness to this outfit.


H.E.R Vol.2

H.E.R is very mysterious and keeps her fans wondering what she looks like since no one has seen a picture of her EVER! She recently put up a clip of her performing at the B.E.T Experience and she was on stage but her stage lights were not even on at all, she just had an illuminated backdrop. I get what she is doing though, she wants people to hear the music rather than focused her image. She came out with Vol.2 and I was not disappointed, I feel like she knows my heart and is speaking all the words it wants to say through her music.

T-Shirt: Forever 21 | Skirt: Jean Machine | Glasses: | Shoes: Aldo