Lavish Style | Remember Me While I Remember You

I haven’t been posting as much as I should be but to be honest…I’m getting lazy. Work has been happening and now school started back again so you can say my life is getting pretty intense right about now. New York Fashion Week has already started and I am so behind, and then the rest of the fashion month continues with London, Paris & Milan Fashion Weeks as well but do not fear because I will keep you up to date on all my favourite runway shows. October will be pretty busy too because of Toronto Fashion Week, I’m hoping to go to some shows this year and obviously blog about them. Hopefully I can actually get some street style looks on the blog to showcase what other people are wearing to the shows, but it’s kind of weird going up to people saying “Hey! I like your outfit, can I take your picture for my blog?” project management free. We’ll see what happens but enjoy this Lavish Style post of my outfit of the day!

Crop Top/Highwaisted Jeans/ Cardi; Urban Planet
Belt; Thrift