Music Fuels Me

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Okay, so I have had all 4 albums on repeat for the past month now and I really couldn’t pick just one artist, album, or song.

Bryson Tiller: I am realllllyyyy late on this album but I love it. I was listening to the radio while driving and heard “Don’t” so I decided to get his album and it has been on repeat ever since. The title “Trapsoul” is a perfect definition of what his music is…it has a trap beat but his style is R&B, and even though I am an advocate for classic R&B, I can’t help but love this style. Favourite songs: Don’t, Exchange, Overtime.

Adele: I don’t feel like I need to explain myself when it comes to Adele. Some people don’t like her music because it is too sad or emotional but aren’t we all emotional wrecks? No…it’s just me…okay fine. As usual her lyrics sounds like it has been taken from the pages of my life and her voice is so effortless. I really love the fact that people are in love with her voice and that she doesn’t need to show skin to sell her music, her voice and lyrics does it for her, and I feel that as a true artist, that’s all it should be about. Favourite songs: I Miss You, Water Under The Bridge, Remedy.

Justin Bieber: Many people are becoming “beliebers” from this album but I have been one since Journals came out. I admire the fact that he knows he has done some outrageous things and that he is trying to make himself a better man. When you hear his music, you wouldn’t think that this is a white boy from Canada (or at least I wouldn’t think so). This album has many R&B, pop, and soul vibes oozing from it, it is just amazing. Favourite songs: We Are, I’ll Show You, Mark My Words.

Alessia Cara: Yes girl you better represent Brampton!! I randomly saw her song “Here” that a friend posted on Facebook and instantly fell in love with her voice. I’m so happy that Canada is getting recognized for it’s talented residents and again just like Adele, it’s all about Alessia’s voice and not her appearance. I would watch her interviews and performances and homegirl is kicking it in a t-shirt, jeans, and converse and I love that about her, that she can just be a normal teenager that loves to sing. Her music is mostly pop but her voice is like a mixture of pop/R&B/jazz. Favourite songs: Overdose, Here (2:00am version), River of Tears.