New Music Alert: Sohn and BANKS

I absolutely love it when I find new artists, music literally helps me through life’s journeys and I don’t know where I would be without it. My taste ranges from Hip-hop and R&B to Electronica and Country, my music on my iPhone is literally all over the place and I can truly say that I have at least one artist from every genre in my musical therapeutic collection.  When I find new artists I rarely share it with anyone, because…well you know…I’m a hipster and when an artist becomes mainstream the thrill of enjoying the artist while they were unsigned singing in coffee shops slowly fades away. I mean obviously want them to succeed and become recognized by the general public for their awesome talent but still… a little part of me wishes that it would just be me and 200 other people that know about them.


 About 2 weeks ago I found this amazing artist by the name of Sohn, I discovered him while watching The Breakfast Club 105.1 on YouTube. Miguel was being interviewed and he listed a few artists that he has been noticing so I decided to check them out and boy was I not disappointed.  Sohn is from London which only makes sense because the UK is taking over the world musically right now, his genre is electronica and I absolutely love it. His voice is so different and I like that
about artists, you have to have a different sound so you can stand out from the rest of the thousands of people in the music game.


While searching his songs on YouTube I came across another artist by the name of BANKS. Her music is described as R&B/Ambient/Electronica and I totally agree. Although these artists only have EP’s out at the moment they are definitely ones to listen to if you need something new on your iPod.