NOW: No Opportunity Wasted Event

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the 1st annual “NOW: No Opportunity Wasted” event hosted and created by designer Jennifer Lewin. Jennifer learned how to sew by her husband and turned a hobby into a full blown fashion company called “LeWin” that creates dresses, skirts, tunics and more. The event was all about women empowerment, making goals and accomplishing them, being smart when it comes to finances and living a healthy lifestyle. It is always good to see women, especially women of colour, to come together and motivate, encourage, and support one another. There were various vendors present selling and promoting different products such as makeup, clothing, jewelry, and desserts.

See it, Plan it, Write it down (or tell someone), DO IT! If you have a dream or passion don’t let anything stop you from achieving it, don’t waste any opportunities, and never give up!

Check out Jennifer’s Designs here