October Chills

I was so excited for Toronto Fashion Week this year, I bought tickets to go see the Caitlin Power show which I didn’t get a chance to attend because money was tight so then I decided to go to work instead. However, I did get to attend Fashion Saturday which consisted of 5 pieces of the best collections from the week. There were a panel of experts that gave us a look into the Spring trends for hair, makeup, and fashion. I was having issues with my camera (you know… photographer problems) so the pictures of the models didn’t come out so great. Overall, I was slightly disappointed because it was supposed to be a 3 hour long event and the runway show didn’t even last that long so that was kind of annoying. 

To ease my pain, my main and I ended up going to a restaurant Elephant & Castle, I had an awesome bacon poutine that hit the spot. I was testing out my photography skills on my main and captured some great shots of her (even though she acts like she doesn’t like the camera). As for my shots, well I had phone-booths behind me so you can tell that she didn’t put much effort into my shots as I did for hers.