One Year Down, A Lifetime To Go

Time really flies when you are having fun and all year I have been having fun with my blog, Lavish & Flawed. It has been one year since I started blogging and I love it, I just want to thank everyone who reads and has been supporting my blog. People that I know would tell me that they like and read my blog and it really means a lot to me because I thought people could care less. I have been slack on posting my favourite looks since awards season has started but to be honest some of the looks did not WOW me. The only outfits that really stood out to me were Ellen Pompeo’s jumpsuit that she wore to the People’s Choice Awards and Emma Stone’s jumpsuit that she wore to the Golden Globes. But the next award show I have got your covered, I prom prom(Khloe voice. If you don’t watch the Kardashians then you wouldn’t get it lol)
Currently I am obsessing over Jazmine Sullivan’s new album called Reality Show. I have been wondering where she has been over the last couple of years, she needs to stay in the game and continue to bring real music in this trap music generation that we live in. I like a few trap songs that I can twerk in my room to but I can’t listen to music that lacks substance for too long. My favourite song off of her album that is currently on repeat is Veins; it talks about being addicted to someone that you can’t get enough of but he’s bad for you, you know the usual.