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Spring Arm Candy

Spring is here but it is definitely not in the air. So to cheer myself up from these winter woes I started to look up handbags that I can't afford (cue financial woes). I am a girl, alongside others in this gender, who avidly window shops purses that would look lovely on my arm/shoulder. Even though I am a student now, next year I will be graduating and I…...

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Lavish Style: Kingdom Minded

One of my favourite patterns are black and white stripes. Here I paired a black and white striped blazer with a neon green sweater underneath it to make the whole outfit "pop". I also tied in a bright pink lipstick (it looks fuchsia in pictures) to add more "pop-age".  Blazer; Sears Sweater; Sears Necklace/Earrings/Rings/Boots; Forever 21 Lipstick; Sephora Brand- Love Test...

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Kimye Reaches Vogue

I've said before that if you appear on the cover of Vogue then you have made it in life. Well I guess Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's dreams finally came true after constantly stalking and badgering Anna Wintour. I was hoping Kendall Jenner would grace the cover of Vogue before Kim; I like Kim K but like I said before I…...

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Lately I've been having an obsession with black and white photography; I don’t know what it is but something about them seems to give me life. The colourless depiction of life through a lens invades my eye capacity with such bland expression but yet it explodes into a world of colour in my mind. It tells a story, and don’t…...

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Kardashians Take Miami

While routinely looking through my Instagram, I noticed that Kim and Khloe Kardashian were posting pics of them and sister, Kylie Jenner, opening the new DASH store in Miami. Their neutral ensembles (most likely orchestrated by Kim since she avoids the very thought of colour) coordinated oh-so-well together and now Kylie Jenner is making me want to buy a pair overalls…...

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Lavish Style: This Is What It Feels Like

I will be starting a new segment on my blog called "Lavish Style", which will include posts of my street style. I will also include a list of where I got my clothes/accessories. I hope you likey ! Fur Vest; Forever 21 Sweater; Sears High-waisted pants; H&M Necklace; Forever 21 Bracelet; Forever 21 Watch; JC Penney Earrings; Forever 21...

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