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Lavish Style | The Unexpected

So...probably the most exciting thing happened to me last weekend. My friend wanted to "chill" and have a night out, so since she is one of my favourite people I obviously agreed. She stated the the attire that we should be going for was "rich girl/fashion week-esque" but as the night time came so did the night time chills of…...

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Lavish Style| A Break From Hibernation

As the cold chills of the fall air enter into our region, that is usually my cue to start stocking up on wine, candles, and various shows or movies that I've been waiting to watch, but I had to postpone my hibernation season to attend a friend's birthday party. Although I would much prefer staying in, I also really love…...

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Lavish Style | Denim On Denim

It is fall and now majority of my style shots will be taken indoors because I just can't take the cold winds outside. I love seeing denim on denim paired together in an outfit and I always wanted to try it but you have to make sure you have the right shades of denim together, you don't want to have…...

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Lavish Style | Fall-ing For You

The warm air of my favourite season is gone and the brisk winds of Fall is here; time to put away your short shorts and temporary gold tattoos and exchange them for chunky sweaters and dark lipsticks. I am a Summer lover but everyone keeps raving about how much they love Fall because the fashion is so versatile, so I…...

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Lavish Travel | New York

Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting the concrete jungle, New York City. This is certainly not my first time in New York, I usually visit twice a year to see family but they live in the suburbs. This is the first time that I had traveled anywhere by myself for myself. I really want to start getting my…...

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Emmy’s Red Carpet 2016

I have taken a break from doing award show red carpets but as I was watching the E! Red Carpet Special for the Emmy's and seeing literally everyone slaying, I had to write about it and show you guys my favourite looks of the night. Usually, I review the red carpet looks the day after the red carpet but clearly…...

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NYFW: Charlotte Tilbury Fragrance Launch

Last week, I went to New York to dabble in the New York Fashion Week Festivities and I had the chance of going to the Charlotte Tilbury Fragrance Event. Charlotte Tilbury is a known makeup artist that has her own makeup line in all of the biggest stores, she is now venturing out into all aspects of beauty and has…...

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Lavish Style | Bollywood Princess

My friend of 13 years recently got married and I had been anticipating this wedding because obviously I want her to have her happily ever after but also because this was my chance to finally wear a sari. For the wedding ceremony, she had a Hindu ceremony and everyone had to wear saris so I figured to go all out…...

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Lavish Feature | Lisa Dinh

Name: Lisa Dinh Age: 27 Occupation: Hairstylist/Colourist/Salon Owner How did you get started as a hairstylist?: L: I took cosmetology in high school in grade 12, that's when I realized that I enjoyed doing hair. My mom took me to the salon when I was in grade 4 and I got my colour done and that's when I realized that…...

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