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Lavish Feature | Lisa Dinh

Name: Lisa Dinh Age: 27 Occupation: Hairstylist/Colourist/Salon Owner How did you get started as a hairstylist?: L: I took cosmetology in high school in grade 12, that's when I realized that I enjoyed doing hair. My mom took me to the salon when I was in grade 4 and I got my colour done and that's when I realized that…...

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Lavish Life | Twenty Seven

Last week was the Lavish One's birthday and I was not feeling it at all. I know I am still young but being 27 makes me feel like a grandma. I am a serious birthday person and I usually love doing things on my birthday but this year I just didn't care to actively plan activities, but one thing that…...

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Lavish Travel | Mini Jamaican Getaway

I am super big on travelling lately, so I feel that I need to travel as much as I can before I get married, have kids, and turn into a grandma lol. I went on a 4 day Jamaica trip with some of my favourite loves and it ended up being more fun than I thought it would be. As soon as…...

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Lavish Style | Girly Petals

In a previous post I said I wanted to start incorporating pink into my wardrobe, even though I'm not drenched in pink in this outfit, I thought it would be good to start off small. I bought these floral pants last year and didn't start wearing them until this year but they are really light and flowy which is perfect…...

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LF Blog Giveaway! (Closed)

So today is the official launch of my blog and even though I will be giving you more content and high quality visuals I thought that I should do a giveaway of my current favourite lip products for my Lavish Loves! This giveaway is only on Instagram but open to everyone internationally, so follow the steps above and you will…...

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Lavish Feature | Alicia Harper

Name: Alicia Harper Age: 25 Occupation: Stylist/Designer/Entrepreneur...Girl Boss! What inspired you to start a collection?:  A: I was inspired by seeing certain styles that I liked that were high fashion styles and I thought that wouldn't it be nice if people could get the same high fashion look for half the price. I would see $800-$900 outfits on websites and…...

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Lavish Music | Jesse Boykins

I can't remember where I was or who I was in life when I fell in love with Jesse Boykins but all I remember is hearing him on YouTube doing a cover Outkast- Prototype and the way he transformed the song got me hooked on the sound of his voice. There was a free mini concert in the city about a…...

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Lavish Travel | St. Vincent

Earlier this year, I went to St. Vincent for my friend’s wedding which was by far the best wedding I’ve ever been to. It was my first time visiting there and it was amazing. Even though we ate KFC every night nothing can compare to the tranquility of the 4 different beaches that I went to and eating a huge…...

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Lavish Travel | Europe

Last year, I did what I think everyone should do at least once in their lifetime, visit Europe. I refuse to backpack through Europe because I wasn't made for that kind of life but I toured around with some awesome people that were from different parts of the world. My trip consisted of visiting London in England, Amsterdam, Munich &…...

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