Real Recognize Real

A lot of great things are happening for Lavish & Flawed, we are finally getting recognized by people other than my friends lol. Open Table Toronto contacted me and I was nothing but thrilled, it is great to know that by my posting my blog on every social media avenue that I have it actually reaching the masses. Open Table Toronto is a company that specializes in helping foodies like me find restaurants to go to in whatever city I specify and I can also reserve a table either on the website or the app. I wanted to try something new because I am always so used to going to the typical Moxies, Milestones, and Jack Astor’s venues. Toronto is a huge city and I know that there are a lot of hidden restaurants that are available to grub at but I just don’t know about it. 

I wouldn’t brag about something unless I actually liked it and I really liked using the Open Table app. It helps you find restaurants in a city of your choosing, shows you how pricey or inexpensive the restaurant is, it has reviews by real people, it shows you what type of food the restaurant sells ex. Italian, Asian, etc…and it also shows you the menu so you can already have an idea of what you want to eat. I will always be a lover of Italian food because you really can’t go wrong, so I went to Cibo Wine Bar which is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, I didn’t end up making a reservation on the app because I was taking so long to get ready I didn’t even know what time I was going to be there. Looking at this place from the outside, I thought it was going to be a small venue but as you walk in it is a pretty huge space. The service was really great, our waitress came and tended to us at the right times which is really important to me because you know you will have those waitresses that come too often to check up on you and all you’re thinking is “can I just live and eat my food!” and then there are those waitresses that don’t check up on you enough and it leaves you wondering if she finished her shift for the day (you know exactly what I am talking about). We were served complimentary bread which was probably the softest bread I have ever tasted; I ordered the Ravioli and a glass of wine and it was so good and filling that I even had to bring some home.

I will be using this app again because I found it so helpful and this summer I am going in with trying new restaurants and just eating everything. Visit Open Table Toronto or download the app!

Now for the OOTN (outfit of the night)…

I was dressed in H&M head to toe except for my earrings and ring which I think are from Forever 21, my shoes which are from Urban Planet, and my bracelets which are handmade by moi. I was going for a more sexy/casual look with this outfit, I wanted to dress up but at the same time I didn’t want to go overboard. I finished off the look with one of my favourite purses from Heys. I played with green eyeshadows for my makeup look because when you wear black and white you can wear any colour on your face.