I had the opportunity to attend one of my high school friend’s clothing store opening. It was weird at first because I didn’t know if he was going to remember me or not since we haven’t seen each other since high school ended, but I am all for supporting local talent especially in fashion.

 Rawie Laborce, store owner, basically quit his job and decided to open up a menswear boutique called Rivermen in Mississauga, because it was his true passion. He said he wants the store to feel like an art gallery, so when you walk in there are different art pieces that are available for purchase as well as the clothing that he sources from various Canadian-made brands. When you think about it, fashion is a representation of art that comes to life when you wear it, so I thought that this was a great concept. Naked & Famous, Muttonhead, and Eighteen Waits are just a couple of the brands which exudes a minimalist style that he sources to make up Rivermen

Passion is a beautiful thing. It can drive you to do crazy things, it gives you an uncontrollable adrenaline, and it can make your dreams come to life. I am seeing a lot of people within my age group going after their passions lately; from opening up a store, starting their own clothing line to starting their own makeup business and creating a blog. Everyone is doing something with their lives to make a name for themselves and it is not too late for you to do the same. Just do what you love.

Rivermen is located at 347 Lakeshore Road East, Unit #4 in Mississauga.

Rawie Laborce, Owner of Rivermen