Summer Time Tunes

I just recently added Pharrell Williams and Sam Smith to my music collection and I am very satisfied with their music for this summer. Pharrell’s album “Girl” has a feel good vibe to it that is perfect for hosting a BBQ in your backyard or catching up on some spring cleaning. The bass lines in this album are crazy and now I want to learn how to play the bass. Sam Smith’s album “In The Lonely Hour” is a little bit on the depressing side but people go through different moods all the time and sadly, life can’t always be sunshine and rainbows. If you just went through a break up or feeling kind of sad then this album is perfect. His falsettos and deep meaning lyrics are what captivates me the most. He sounds a bit like James Blake in some areas (minus the falsetto parts) but that’s just what I think.

pharrell-williams-girl-album-cover Sam_Smith_-_In_the_Lonely_Hour_(Official_Album_Cover)