Year 28 Part 1: Crazy

I decided to do a concept photoshoot this year for my birthday and got inspired by TLC’s “Crazy Sexy Cool” album, I feel like these words represent aspects of me as an individual. Majority of my character is crazy; I can be a crazy type of silly and just become so outrageous or if I am into a guy or my friend is into a guy I will most likely start creeping all of their social media and by the end of the day I will have their address and social insurance number. Don’t judge me, all of us females do it 🙂

With this look, I wanted to put together an outfit that was out-of-the-box yet fashionable but honestly, I would never wear this on the street, photoshoot and art purposes only. I wanted to play around with fashion and see what type of abstract look I could come up with. Stay tuned for my Sexy and Cool looks later this week!

Mesh Overlay: H&M | Bathing Suit: Ardene | Leather Shorts: H&M | Boots: Missguided