2018 will be #Goals

It is the beginning of a new year and this is usually the time when everyone wants to start fresh and set some new goals for themselves–some realistic and some not. I am going to try my hardest to stick by these goals this year in order to enhance the awesome person that I already am.

1. Drink More Water

I am choosing to drink more water this year because it improves your skin, hair and provides you with more energy. My skin is pretty good already but there is no harm in improving it. Even though I love makeup, I wear it everyday for work and too much of it is not good, you should be able to look just as cute with your natural face as you do with makeup. I am #teamnatural when it comes to my hair and this year will be my 5th year anniversary of staying away from the creamy crack. My 5th year hair goal is to have my hair reach my “under-boob” while straight, so I hope drinking a lot more water (and intensive deep conditioning) will help me reach my desired length.

2. Focus On Passions

I am not going to lie, this has been very hard for me over years to keep up with but I am trying to fully commit myself to my creative outlets. Music and fashion are my main passions in life and I express these through personal music that I write and record, producing covers on Youtube and blogging. To be honest, I either get lazy or think that nobody cares about what I am writing or I think that I am not that good enough of a singer but this year I want to rebuke all of my fears and insecurities and just do it.

3. Try To Learn Something New

I have some friends that have taught themselves how to code and/or develop apps and I feel like I am here wasting my time binge watching episodes of Love & Hip Hop. I just got my smart serve certification, so I would like to learn how to bartend and make some extra cash as well as continue to learn the French language. I used to be so good at French while learning it in elementary school and after Grade 9 I just stopped taking it because it was no longer a requirement but seeing as that it is my second language and because I have an insane obsession for everything Paris, I feel like I should continue to learn it so that I can shade people in a different language (lol).

4. Living In The Moment

As I continue to write, I feel like these are more challenges for me than goals but I will TRY (key word) to live in the moment and just enjoy life. We live in an era where everything must be documented and instantly posted onto our socials but what if we all tried to enjoy our meals and let everyone know how it actually tasted after the fact…in person…instead of instagramming how good it looks. Also, I need to stop having anxiety of what my life will be like in the future. I am always trying to pre-plan how my life will turn out but I just need to start living day by day and to the ultimate fullest.

5. Try To Explore Your City

Toronto is a big and diverse city and there are so many cafes, restaurants, art galleries etc. that I have yet to experience because I continue to frequent the same spots to enjoy a good meal due to familiarity. If I am being honest I am not going to start this until the summer time because winter is my hibernation period, but I will make a list of 10 local restaurants (with good ratings) that are located in the city with various cuisines in order to try to be more cultured.