Feel Better Goodies

The month of April has been a very annoying month for me; personal issues arose and there is still no sign of warm weather. I wanted to volunteer at a hospital this summer because it would look good on my resume for my upcoming career. In order to volunteer you need a series of vaccinations, the only thing that I didn’t have were the chicken pox shots. Little kids everywhere usually get the chicken pox, its like a child right of passage, and you would think that I would get them but no…I have to be unique in every possible way and not get them at all. I had already received one shot and now waiting to get my second shot the doctor tells me that I can’t get it because they have to be given 3 months apart (when I first saw her she said 1-2 months apart) I was furious! 

So to help ease the pain of me not being able to volunteer, I went to the mall for some much needed retail therapy. Buying something new always helps me feel better, whatever the problem may be. I headed over to one of my favourite stores, Urban Planet, and found out that they were having a “Buy 1 get 2 free” sale. Yippie! I bought those Kanye look-a-like leather jogging pants and I got a studded purse and open cardigan for free. I also bought a pair of cool sunnies that were not included in the sale.

Last week I enjoyed a nice Saturday evening with one of my main girls and shopped for makeup. I wanted to try liquid foundation again even though the last time we were paired together my face felt like plastic, but I decided to give it another chance. While I headed over to MAC with my MAC PRO discount card in hand (my Fashion Arts diploma actually came in handy) I purchased the “Studio Fix Fluid” foundation, “Pro Longwear” concealer, and the “Heroine” lipstick that every Beauty YouTuber raves about. The foundation to my surprise is very light and not “cakey” at all, you can choose to put a little bit on for light coverage or a lot for more coverage. I also stopped by Sephora to get the “Smashbox” face primer.

Ok enough with my rant…here are the pics.

Black & White Cardian- FREE

Black Leather Joggers- $20.00

Black & Gold Studded Purse- FREE

Sunglasses- $5.00

Smashbox Primer- $14.00

Studio Fix Fluid Foundation- $32.00 (regular price)
Pro Longwear Concealer- $23.00 (regular price)
“Heroine” Matte Lipstick- $19.00 (regular price)