"Keep It Cute" for Winter | Guys & Girls

Winter is slowly creeping up onto our doorsteps and I don’t know about you but when the cold weather approaches I try to be as warm as possible, and this usually means that I put no effort into what I look like. This winter I am going to try to keep it cute (not making any promises) and look somewhat put together while I endure another Canadian winter. Most of the stuff on my blog caters to women but I also love mens fashion as well, so I decided to incorporate some things that I think guys would like to wear during this winter season (mostly it’s items that I personally like to see guys wearing…*drools*). 

For the ladies, I added some nail polish because I feel like the nails are like accessories and MUST be painted at all times or at least nicely manicured. If you think people do not look at your nails YOU…ARE…WRONG! For both parties, a good big/roomy bag is necessary. If you think about it, you have on all these layers and if you are going to work/random coffee shop/a friend’s house you need to put your scarf/hat/gloves somewhere…right? (insert the need for a big bag here)

Gloves:Urban Outfitters $34.00 / Scarf: Urban Outfitters $34.00 / Socks: American Apparel $12.00

Hat: Aldo $20.00 / Toque: Aldo $15.00 / Turban: Aldo $12.00 / Ear Muffs: Aldo $ 15.00

Coat: H&M $129.00 / Cape: H&M $29.95 / Faux Fur Jacket: H&M $99.00

Satchel: Aldo $55.00 / Satchel: H&M $49.95 / Tote: Aldo $35.00

Booties: Forever 21 $41.90 / Oxfords: Forever 21 $31.80 / Boots: Steve Madden $89.95 / Booties: Forever 21 $39.80  
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Golden Rule / Red My Lips / Dark Huemoor


Bag: Aldo $60.00 / Weekend Bag: H&M $59.95 / Backpack: Aldo $60.00 

Hat: Forever 21 $19.80 / Beanie: Forever 21 $10.80 / Hat: H&M $19.95

Coat: H&M $99.00 / Jacket: H&M $129.00 / Coat: H&M $129.00

Scarf: Forever 21 $15.90 / Scarf: H&M $14.95 / Gloves: H&M $34.95

Boots: Forever 21 $43.80 / Boots: Forever 21 $51.90 / Boots: H&M $69.95

Socks: Urban Outfitters $8.00 / Socks: Urban Outfitters $14.00 / Socks: Urban Outfitters $12.00