Lavish Feature | Kayon Wilson

Name: Kayon Wilson

Age: 31

Occupation: Brow and Lash Enhancement Artist

How did you get started?:

K: About 10 years ago, I was out of high school, I didn’t want to be a lawyer anymore and I thought maybe I should go into esthetics because I always liked it. So, I went to school and I knew right away that I loved esthetics. I’ve always been obsessed with eyebrows and there was one place that I started working at after college and they only did threading, so I started to learn how to thread eyebrows.

5 years ago, I heard someone mention that they were getting their eyelashes filled and I didn’t understand what they meant, so I googled it and I found that there is a thing called eyelash extensions and that the premier company for training is called Xtreme Lashes. Since eyelash extensions were becoming mainstream, I got trained by them and got all the certifications that I needed. I’ve been doing brows and lashes exclusively just for a year now, I used to do manis and pedis before but I let go of all of that stuff and just focus on brows and lashes because I am obsessed with it. More recently I just started doing microblading as well, so it has been about 10 years since I have been in this industry.

For the women who have very thin eyebrows, what would you recommend them to do in order for their eyebrows to look fuller?:

K:There are a couple options. If you want to rehabilitate your eyebrows it is very possible, I recommend that you stick to one brow artist and make sure that you guys have a common goal so that you know what you ultimately want to achieve and overtime you will see a difference. Don’t maintain them yourself and don’t just wait! Some girls will wait 6 months because they are growing in their brows but often times the person you go to will just bring them back to how they were before, so the best way is to continue to get them maintained and you will see that your brows will come back.

Another way is to fill them in with either a pencil or a powder on a daily basis while you are rehabilitating them and getting them maintained. Sometimes it will take up to a year before your brows grow back, in most cases people think that they can’t grow back their brows but it is because that they are not working with someone to build them back.

Another option is microblading, it is a semi permanent tattoo which only lasts 18 months, so for someone who can’t grow back their brows at all or want a darker pigment this is an option for them and the results look like your brows are always perfect.

If this is not your dream job, what would your dream job be?:

K:This is my dream job! I could never imagine myself doing anything else. I might be okay without doing eyelashes but I would not be okay not doing eyebrows.

What do you recommend women should look for when they are choosing someone to do their lashes or eyebrows?:

K: You ask them where they got trained and do they have certification so that you know they have a background in training from a reputable company. You look at their eyelashes and eyebrows! If it doesn’t look good to you then most likely you will not like the results on you. Also, make sure that they answer all of your questions, especially for lashes, you want to make sure that they have you in their best interest. If a customer asks for Kim K lashes but their own lashes can’t support them, they can’t just say yes because the customer wants it, if someone is just willing to give you anything that you ask for without advising them on proper lash protocol then that is a big no no! You want to look at their set up and make sure everything is nice and clean and also you want to see pictures of their work whether it is via Instagram or a website that they have.

What is the #1 eyelash don’t?:

K: For someone who already has lashes on, a big don’t is using oil based products on your lashes. Don’t get your lashes wet, you should wait at least 24 hrs before getting them wet. You don’t need to apply any mascara either because the eyelashes already look like you have mascara on. For a lash artist, you can’t give everyone the same type of extension, respect the natural lash!

What is next for you in the future?:

K: Right now, I am working on brow care products. Pencils and powders as well as falsies and eye makeup remover for lash extensions. Also, this past summer I have started my own training course, the lash extension business is a very lucrative business and I noticed that everyone is training people but not well, so I feel like I could use my expertise and train people how to do them properly.

How do your services differ from other people in the same industry?:

K: The main difference is that I realize that it is a service but I take it really seriously, I treat it like I am doing my own eyebrows or eyelashes. I feel like I have been entrusted with this talent from God and I have to honour it and I can’t keep it to myself, I have to share it with other people. I would actually do this work for free because I love it that much, it is like life for me.

How did you grow your current client base?:

K: A lot of my clients are from referrals and social media such as Instagram. I just now started marketing and advertising for myself and getting my name out there.

Please visit Kayon at and @torontosbrowguru