Lavish Style | The 100th Post

I’m celebrating my 100th post on my blog with this sultry outfit that I put together for a Christmas party that I attended. I was told that even though it was at somebody’s house everyone was going to dress up. Turned out that I was the only one dressed up and everyone else was kicking it in T-shirts and jeans, story of my life. At least this outfit wasn’t a total waste because I get to blog about it; every moment is a blog moment. This shirt turned dress was a thrift purchase that I fell in love with, it is a large size which was perfect for me so that I could have the option of wearing as a shirt or dress. I put a black bralet and a mini skirt underneath so that it shows some skin but not too much, and these garter stockings are just everything!

Shirt/Dress; Thirft
Bralet; Target
Mini skirt; H&M
Earrings; H&M
Rings; Forever 21
Stockings; Urban Planet
Shoes; Charlotte Russe