Lavish Style | Birds Of A Feather…

When the winter chill hits all I really want to do is wear sweaters all day. My previous post was about keeping your look cute for winter, I didn’t make any promises because I know how I am but I said I would try lol. This look wasn’t inspired by anything really, I just wanted to look put together, but I ended up really LOVING this outfit. To complete my OOTD I added this necklace that I pulled in tighter to make it look like a choker. 

On my lips is “smoked purple” by MAC, I bought this lipstick about a month ago and this is my first time wearing it. I originally wanted to get a black lipstick because I just feel that black would look all types of fierce but the brands that I was looking at were out of my price range. One of the YouTubers that I follow would always talk about and wear smoked purple in her videos, it is basically the next best thing to black with a nice matte finish. It is definitely a must have for the winter season.

Blouse; Sears
Pants; H&M
Shoes; Charlotte Russe
Necklace; Aldo? (I can’t remember)
Belt; Forever 21
Socks; Ardene
Bracelet; Preeminence
Lipstick; MAC “Smoked Purple”