Lavish Style| Blackest Black

Last night I went to a poetry concert called “When Sisters Speak” in celebration of National Women’s Day. This was my first time at this event and it was really refreshing to hear common words spoken at different rhythms that makes me understand speech in a more intellectual way. Was that sentence deep enough for you? Because that’s what I was going for lol. When summer finally decides to grace us with its presence, I am going to be attending a lot more poetry shows and jazz bars because I really like the vibe. I usually like a pop of colour in my outfit, but because it is still winter, I chose to wear all black from head to toe.

Fur Vest; Borrowed from mother
Blouse; Sears
Leggings; Charlotte Russe
Shoes; Charlotte Russe
Earrings; Forever 21
Rings; Forever 21 & Aldo
Bracelets; Preeminence