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My friend of 13 years recently got married and I had been anticipating this wedding because obviously I want her to have her happily ever after but also because this was my chance to finally wear a sari. For the wedding ceremony, she had a Hindu ceremony and everyone had to wear saris so I figured to go all out since I will probably never wear one again. I picked out this emerald green because it looked so good against my skin. I felt very Bollywood in this traditional Indian attire, I honestly wish I can wear different colours of this outfit everyday.

During reception time, I was the one to give the speech to my friend and her new hubby, I decided to make it funny and lively because let’s be honest…speeches are boring! It turned out that I was a hit at the reception because everyone kept coming up to me saying how good my speech was! As the night progressed, everyone danced the night away to traditional Indian and chutney music while looking radiant in their Indian attire.


So I have been listening to so many people recently and I can’t pick just one. Everyone that I’m currently listening to has a unique sound to them and most of them are underground, unsigned artists that need to be brought to the light.

Jorja Smith- Where Did I Go

Ravyn Lenae- Venezuela Trains

NAO- Blue Wine

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