Lavish Style | Electric Lady

I can easily say that Janelle Monae is one of my style icons. She pushes boundaries especially when she went through her whole androgynous phase with wearing suits all the time. This look was definitely inspired by her and since I went to a birthday party the day after Halloween, I guess you could say that I dressed up as Janelle Monae. I have never been one to wear hats but I kept seeing everyone slay with fedoras and wide brim hats so I decided to try to incorporate it into my wardrobe. I ventured off to Forever 21, found this hat, tried it on and nearly ran to the cash register because when I saw myself in the mirror all I could think was…YYYYYAAAASSSS!!!! I haven’t worn an outfit lately that made me feel like “slay material” so I decided why not today.


I am feeling Jesse Boykins III, I have been listening to his music for a couple years now ever since I heard his cover of Prototype by Outkast. He dropped his first album Love Apparatus last year and I don’t know why I am just listening to it now but it has been on serious repeat! As soon as you play the first song and hear that bass….ugh it’s just vibes!!!



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Hat; Forever 21
Jacket; H&M
Blouse; Random store from NY
Skirt; Forever 21
Shoes; Forever 21
Earrings; Urban Planet
Rings; Aldo & Forever 21
Belt; Forever 21