Lavish Style | Grad Day Double Take

It is official good people of the world! After all my hard work these past 2 years I am officially a graduate! Well, this is not my first time graduating but I worked really hard in this program and I am very proud of myself. Grad day consisted of the convocation ceremony, sleep, and then I went out to dinner with some friends. 

Since this was going to be such an honourable day, I HAD to slay with my ensembles that I had been preparing for the past 2 weeks. I was conflicted between wearing a dress for the ceremony or stepping out of the box and wearing a jumpsuit. I clearly opted for the jumpsuit because believe it or not I don’t even own a jumpsuit, so I felt that it was so necessary to add one to my wardrobe. Originally I was going to wear all gold accessories but then I found all these pastel pink accessories that I previously bought but haven’t even worn yet. I felt like it was time to have a pastel moment.

While I was concocting look 2 in my head, I was determined to find a caped blazer. I couldn’t find one within my price range in my local malls but there were a vast majority online. I had a fear of ordering the blazer and then not getting in time for my graduation so I didn’t continue with this fantasy. I eventually found this hot pink long blazer…where you ask?…at the thrift store my friends !!! If you haven’t visited a thrift store before you must do it NOW! 

With my 2 looks I was going for a more “elegant sex appeal” approach, I wanted to look sexy but not too overboard and I feel like these outfits did just that. Enjoy!


Jumpsuit; Forever 21
Earrings; Urban Planet
Necklace; Urban Planet
Ring; Borrowed from Mother
Belt; Thrift
Shoes; Sirens


Blazer; Thrift
Crop Top; H&M
Pants; Thrift
Shoes; Sirens
Earrings; “I cant remember”
Bracelet; Preeminience (by me)