Lavish Style | Lady In Red

Today is Christmas and it is my favourite holiday; I adore all the lights, decorations, and yes even the annoying Christmas music that retailers and radio stations play for a whole entire month. I also enjoy the spirit of generosity this season brings. Obviously, I like to collect gifts but there’s something about giving gifts and seeing your family’s face light up when they open them that just warms your heart.
This past Sunday was Christmas Sunday, and it is always my tradition to wear something red to church to collaborate with the season. Although we are familiar with Christmas being a giving season, a time for family, and lots of food, we also have to remember and never forget that Jesus is truly the reason for the season (whether you like it or not lol). 
To all my readers, have a very Merry Christmas!
The Lavish One











Blazer; Forever 21
Blouse; Sears
Skirt; Zara
Shoes; Borrowed from Mother
Earrings & Necklace; Urban Planet
Bracelet & Belt; Forever 21
Ring; Aldo
Lipstick; Sephora Lipstain in “Always Red”