Lavish Style | Menswear

Well it’s about that time again. Fall is upon us and even though the calendar says it isn’t official yet, the weather says differently. This also means I am back on my balcony again to take some quick shots and then run back inside. I had birthday events this weekend so I decided to wear this plaid sleeveless which is a recent purchase and also is from the men’s section. If I find something I like in men’s I won’t hesitate to buy it. This only works when I need things to be over-sized. Initially I was trying to make this shirt work out as a dress but it didn’t quite work out that way. To have only the top button buttoned was a case of trial and error; I tried it and it worked! I feel it gave a nice edge to this popular look.


My friend KB and I send each other new and old music often. We are usually drawn to artists that have a “different” sound than the typical artists played on mainstream radio. She sent me this song last week and I’ve been obsessed with it and SPZRKT, I recently just got his EP “Hours Spent Loving You” and it just feels like you are listening to art. Imagine paintings, pictures, and sculptures in the form of melodies and harmonies. Anywho, click the link above and take a listen. Also check out SPZRKT’s Soundcloud

Top; Forever 21
Plaid Shirt; Urban Planet
Leggings; Sears
Shoes; Adidas
Earrings; Forever 21
Necklaces; Urban Planet