Lavish Style | Per-Suede Me

We all know (or should know) that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season (and life in general). It is also a great time for Christmas parties! This year I attended my first corporate Christmas party for my workplace. The first thing I thought about when I found out we were having a party was…”what I am going to wear?!?!?” I have to look good obviously but conservative as well since all of management was going to be there. I bought this amazing vintage suede Danier skirt a couple months ago at my local thrift store, Talize; I’m telling you that thrift is the way to go, you never know what you are going to find and I definitely didn’t think I would find a suede Danier skirt. It probably retailed for $50-$80 in the store and I ended up getting it for $10 !!! I literally felt like I was stealing the skirt. I paired the skirt with a dress that I tucked in because the top was really elaborate and I needed something to stand out in my outfit. This was also a night event so a smokey eye is a must !

Dress(used as top); Urban Behaviour
Skirt; Danier (thrifted)
Shoes; Charlotte Russe
Belt; Forever 21
Necklace; H&M
Earrings; Urban Planet
Bracelet/Ring/Watch; borrowed from mother