Lavish Style + Reflection | 2015… Bring It On

In the middle of the year I was thinking that it was taking so long to end but now that 2014 has come to a close I’m thinking that this year went by pretty fast. A lot has happened in 2014 in my life, there were really high points but there were also really low points. I think this year I can truly say that I learned a lot about myself, what I like and what I don’t like, what I should change and what I should keep doing. God has taught me to be patient, to care about others more than myself, and that life doesn’t always go that way that I planned or intended but whatever happens to always trust that He always has my best interests at heart even though certain situations may not seem like it. In 2015 I have a lot to look forward to, I will be graduating from college (again), I’m planning to go to Europe, hopefully getting a full time job, starting to take my YouTube channel seriously and hopefully launching, Preeminence, my jewelry collection. I’m not one for that old saying “New Year, New Me” but if there is something that you didn’t like about yourself in 2014 because it brought negativity or it just wasn’t working for you and you want to change it this year then DO IT! Keep following your dreams, keep following your heart, and trust in God.

Now onto the fashion. 

Every New Year’s Eve I always have to incorporate something sequins and sparkly in my attire because it’s just so festive. This past summer I had an obsession with kimonos so when I found this sequin kimono I didn’t even think twice about it coming home with me. I paired this kimono with some high-waisted jeans and a turtleneck crop top (I thought it was a regular top until I paired it with the right bra lol)

Kimono; Sirens
Crop Top; Charlotte Russe
Jeans; Urban Planet
Boots; Forever 21
Belt; Forever 21
Earrings; Aldo
Watch; JC Penney
Rings; Forever 21 & Urban Planet
Bracelets; Preeminence