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So…probably the most exciting thing happened to me last weekend. My friend wanted to “chill” and have a night out, so since she is one of my favourite people I obviously agreed. She stated the the attire that we should be going for was “rich girl/fashion week-esque” but as the night time came so did the night time chills of the air. When it is cold outside, it really deters me from dressing up how I want to, so I didn’t necessarily bring my “A” game to the fit but I still held it down and tried to look decent (I really wished I wore different shoes -__-). On route to the restaurant we were supposed to go to, we made a pit stop to Copacabana to meet her friends for “drinks”, but little did I know that we were actually going there for my surprise party to meet a bunch of my OG/closest friends!

I was so elated that all my friends would throw me my first surprise party in November when my birthday was in July, but not because of my birthday but just because they appreciate my friendship. I do a lot for my friends and I was beginning to think that they all sucked but they definitely proved me wrong with this party. Everyone who planned everything really listened to me over the years and knew what I wanted from the conceited pictures of me in gold frames on the tables, to the strawberry shortcake cake with no custard, to the iPad that everyone contributed to because my whole worship team has iPads to read the lyrics off of and I am the only one with a binder full of papers. I just want to thank everyone who came out and celebrated with me and even to the ones that couldn’t make it but still sent their love, thank you my Lavish Loves!


The Lavish One



Shawn Mendes- Mercy

This song has been on steady repeat and is currently my life.

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Dress: Sirens | Fur Vest: Forever 21 | Shoes: Charlotte Russe | Earrings: Aldo | Choker: Urban Planet