Lavish Travel | Mini Jamaican Getaway

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I am super big on travelling lately, so I feel that I need to travel as much as I can before I get married, have kids, and turn into a grandma lol. I went on a 4 day Jamaica trip with some of my favourite loves and it ended up being more fun than I thought it would be. As soon as I stepped off the plane, KB and I had to venture off to Dunns River Falls. I’ve been here before but this was the first time (that I could remember) that I got to climb the falls, it was a very interesting experience aside from the fact that the current could literally and almost pulled my 100 lbs body down from the top of the falls to the bottom.

The next day we went to Sandals Beach Resort, this was my first time there because anyone who has tried to book a stay at Sandals knows it is crazy expensive. We had a scheduled catamaran boat ride but 10 mins into sailing away from the shore we experienced technical difficulties. Something I learned about Jamaica is that it is beneficial to know people EVERYWHERE! One of the girls that was in our crew knew someone at the resort and as a result we got to stay there for the afternoon, eat free food, and sip on endless drinks.

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Kimono & Short Set: H&M

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We headed to another public beach where we chilled out while the sun was setting. It was time to pull out one of my many swimsuits that I have been itching to wear this summer. This swimsuit was the definition of sexy and I knew it would draw attention…good and bad…but I had to slay while on vacay!

 Photo 2016-07-16, 6 04 32 PM (1) (1) Photo 2016-07-16, 6 04 29 PMSwimsuit : Sirens

Sunday was Sumfest 2016, we had another scheduled day to night at the beach, I was so excited because when I’m on vacation all I really care about is going to the beach since Canada doesn’t have any “real” beaches. I always wanted an all white moment so I thought it was fitting to look like an angel pixie on the beach.

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Sunglasses: Urban Planet | Bralet: Sirens | Shorts: Sirens | Lipstain: Sephora “Watermelon Slice

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The last day of our getaway we decided to visit our resort’s pool because during the whole trip the only thing we did at our resort was sleep so we thought that we should use the facilities that we are paying for. Later that night we went to a restaurant called “Push Kart” to have a birthday celebration and that venue had some serious views (no Drake included lol )

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Swimsuit: Urban Planet

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Shoes: Aldo

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Final morning goodbyes occurred as we ate a really amazing Jamaican breakfast, sipped on some peppermint tea, and watched the ocean waves wave back at us. Until next time…


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