Lavish Travel | New York

Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting the concrete jungle, New York City. This is certainly not my first time in New York, I usually visit twice a year to see family but they live in the suburbs. This is the first time that I had traveled anywhere by myself for myself. I really want to start getting my feet wet when it comes to the fashion industry and everyone knows New York and Paris are the top cities for anything fashion related. I ventured off to the city that never sleeps in order to network, market myself and get content for my blog during New York Fashion Week. I got an Airbnb in Spanish Harlem which is about half the price of hotels in the city, it was a really cute apartment that I hardly spent time in because I made sure I was booked up in events with the time that I was there. My first day off the plane, I met up with some bloggers that came from different states and attended Harlem Fashion Week at the Museum of New York City.

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The next day, I wanted to create some adventures for myself so I took my first Uber ride to have some much needed brunch from a random spot that I googled called Sarabeth’s. I had pancakes and lemonade on the patio while watching busy New Yorkers enjoy their Saturday.

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When I visit New York, I am usually in the suburban area of Queens, so this was my time to visit all the places that I have desired to go. Obviously, I ventured off through Central Park and to the place where fashion is the most loved, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


I took another Uber back to my apartment, got ready and went to another fashion show and then headed to the Charlotte Tilbury Fragrance Launch (See Post Here) located in the Meatpacking District. After that, I went to the famous Sugar Factory restaurant and had a martini that literally tasted like liquid candy (which is not a good thing). While, walking to the nearest subway I stumbled upon the place where I’ve seen so many “The City” episodes take place, Diane von Furstenburg head office.

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“Sunday morning rain is falling” all my Maroon 5 fans will get it. Thank God it was not raining in New York but it was brutally hot & humid but I rather that than snow. Sunday was my last day in the city and later I would head back to Queens, but before that I went to another brunch spot called Le Pain Quotidien meaning “Daily Bread”. It was a cute spot that had one of the best waffles that I have ever tried and fresh peppermint tea. My waiter ended up giving me a croissant when I was leaving, probably because I looked cute lol.

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Lastly, I went to a New York Fashion Week streaming party at Flavorpill Media where I networked and watched fashion shows with other bloggers, stylists, and individuals that just enjoy fashion. Before, I headed to Queens I had to go to the heart of the city, Times Square, and get my Junior’s Strawberry Cheesecake. Going to New York by myself opened up my eyes to new possibilities and I will definitely will be going there for the future fashion weeks. Look out for me boo!

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