The Lavish Birthday

July 24th, 1989 was the day that I graciously granted the earth with the aura of my very being and 25 years later I decided to have a 4 day celebration to fully carry out the importance of this milestone. At first, I honestly thought that this birthday was going to be very boring because nothing was really going as I planned, but eventually everything worked out and it ended up being that best birthday I have ever had. I just want thank everyone who came out to celebrate my milestone with me!

July 23rd

Went to Baskin Robbins with one of my long time friends “Mills” and had my favourite Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream and decided to mix it with the Maui Brownie flavour. I later realized that Maui Brownie had nuts in it and was upset with my decision to mix the 2 flavours. At this moment it didn’t seem like I was ready for 25; if I couldn’t make good choices about ice cream what else would I fail at that would have more significance to my life. On the way home we had to turn up to “2 Chains- Birthday Song”.

July 24th

Hit up The Keg Steakhouse with another long time friend “kitty”, she forced herself into the world a day before me when she was clearly supposed to be born in August. I was kind of disappointed at my meal but I’m pretty sure it was the location we went to because Keg steaks are usually really good.

July 25th

Got off work early and went to one member of “The Mains” house and got ready there. While drinking wine (because what else would I really be doing) I was presented with a Chanel cake that was filled with strawberries and I absolutely adore it. It just wouldn’t be my birthday if I didn’t have designer cake, because I’m just lavish like that. Rushed to pick up my cuzzie after pushing back my original reservation at & Co. Resto-bar. I enjoyed the $4 Tiffany & Co. martinis and the mini cheesecakes cutely presented in mason jars but the food was horrible. Went back to the house (continued to drink wine) and finally had the courage to cut my cake and eat it too. Oh then some dancing followed….naturally.

July 26th

KB and I went to Summerhill Spa in Yorkville, Downtown Toronto and got to experience the lavish life while we got full body massages and facials. It was a relaxing time that allowed us to escape our hectic lives for 2 hours and just…be. No distractions, no phones, just the sounds of the ocean breeze. After our intoxicating body treatments we strolled down the streets of Yorkville and discovered a cute Scottish restaurant called The Oxley. I indulged in a full english breakfast with a mimosa on the side, at this point I was really feeling like the Queen that I knew I always destined to be. ENTER MUCH NEEDED NAP HERE !!! Prince Japanese was the restaurant of choice for dinner with the boys and like everything else that this birthday had to offer, it did not disappoint!

July 27th

One of my whimsical Sears loves got us tickets to a boat cruise to wrap up my birthday festivities. what I didn’t know was that we were going on a private boat! Can the people of the lavish please stand up! Okay so there were 6 other people with us but still, it’s as private as it’s going to get. After the boat tour, we arrived at Toronto’s new hotspot, Cabana Poolbar, which reminds me of a posh hotel pool party that would happen in Vegas or Miami.”Deep House” was the music they played but it basically sounded like what house music used to sound like before Calvin Harris, but I still danced the afternoon away and took in the whole lavish experience. The last of my festivities was spent at Houston Bar & Grill found on the Yonge strip, Downtown Toronto. I met up with the rest of my Sears loves and ate (i’m pretty sure) the best steak of my life. To think that this day couldn’t get any better, the waitress gave me and my loves a complimentary bottle of champagne! Now if this wasn’t a lavish weekend I don’t know what is. All in all my 25th birthday turned out to be better than I expected and I really don’t know if I will ever top it.
But then again Paris might be in the works…