Fashion weeks around the world are currently taking place and Toronto is no exception. My friend Saleka and I attended Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, also known as TOM, last week Friday to see what is going on in men’s fashion. Originally, we were supposed to attend the Kenneth Barlis show @ 8pm but missed it due to traffic, the subway, and me just always being late for everything. As soon as we entered in the doors of the venue, I was going CRAZY for one of the attendees’ blazer, it was detailed, shiny, over-the-top and everything that I am and need to be. The headpiece that the guest that was accompanying him was wearing was AMAZING and nothing like I have ever seen before.


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We ended up going to the next show which was Just Ta, I didn’t know much about this designer but his show consisted of casual capes, mesh, and sweatshirts. The cape that the designer came out with was everything and I believe it could be a unisex piece because I would so wear it. While waiting in line before the show, I had a chance to have a casual fashion girl chat with another attendee; she was feeling my monochromatic vibe, so she wanted to snap some pics.


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The evening ended up being an eventful night; Saleka and I bought shoes from Forever 21 then headed to Joey’s for dinner. Next season, I have to attend more shows, meet more people, and obviously slay!

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